A Tough Business


We supply award-winning production staff to many of the world’s biggest and best-known companies and television broadcasters. 

Whatever you need to have a hassle-free shooting experience in France we can supply the team to help you achieve your creative goals. We have helped literally thousands of international clients to  get the best possible results and have a great filming experience.

Corporate Clients Include  Broadcast Clients Include
IBM National Geographic
(Various documentaries)
McKinsey&Company BBC
(Top Gear, Dreamspaces…)
GE Healthcare CBS
(48 Hours, 60 Minutes, Late Late Show…)
Stanford Business School PBS
Colgate CBC
Johnson & Johnson Channel 4
(Grand Designs)
Coca-Cola Discovery Channel
(Various documentaries)
Goldman Sachs Sky Television
(Who Killed Diana?)
Dior Parfums Channel 5
(Being British)
LVMH France24
(Various reports)

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